Option Sniper University Course 2.0

Options Snipers University 2.0 has been a collection of 3 months worth of work, 20+ years of collective trading experience, and 40 days of auditing all to bring you the most concise and in detail training as a trader. If you dedicate yourself to learning and studying this program and not quit, profits will be a by product of going through the process.

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What's in the Course

  • Intro to Course

  • The Basics

  • Mindset of a 7-Figure Trader

  • Setting Up TOS Desktop // TOS Mobile

  • Foundation of Technical Analysis

  • Indicators

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  • Preparing for your First Option trade

  • Foundation Sniper Plays

  • Advanced Sniper Plays

  • Swing Trades

  • Wednesday Coaching Calls 

  • Friday Live coaching Calls

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Who We Are And Why Should You take our Course?

Our mission: Bridge the financial intellectual gap in the world. We’re a group of entrepreneurs and traders who’ve been in it together since day 1, sure that the 9-5s we were stuck in at the time weren’t our full potential.

That there was something more for us, a future where we could build beyond just working from paycheck to paycheck. So we devoted ourselves to learning a skill that would help us win in the money game and allow us to fufill our potential.

Our goal is to lead other students to success and give them the power to take their lives into their own hands and reach for their dreams.

Over 300+ Happy Students Reviews

I'm enjoying this group so much. I can't even thank you guys enough for what I've learned.
Everything completely change when came to Options Snipers.

Every since I joined the community, I've leveled up my understanding of options trading.